With over 20 years experience teaching fiddle, I love to teach kids and adults focussing on musicality, expression and joy in performing. 

I start teaching by ear so the student can focus on learning the correct technique holding the fiddle and bow and getting the most out of their instrument.  I have a strong belief that good technique is important with playing the fiddle, so even though I don’t focus on classical music I do teach correct technique and posture.  

I do move on to reading music and more advanced techniques in time but the MOST important thing to me is that there has to be enjoyment in playing and practicing.  Without this, it’s very hard to capture a student’s imagination and have them want to practice.

Meet Our Executive Chef


I have recently expanded my studio to teach piano.  I learnt piano myself through classical music from the age of 7 and completed all my grades via the Trinity School of Music in NZ through Grade 8 and then on to my ATCL Certificate.  

In teaching the piano I want to focus on a student enjoying themselves and making music.  Whether this is to play in a band, play off lead sheets, playing blues, rock or pop pieces or composing their own, the primary focus is always enjoyment.  Right from the very first lesson I start with improvisation, in an effort to remove the stress that can come with being asked to “just play something, anything, you choose”.. 

I am happy to talk about working towards classical exams but my initial focus with students is the ability to sit down at any piano, without music and play for fun.  Over the years I’ve felt that too much focus on the exam system can sometimes hold a student back from experiencing the true joy that music can give. 

That being said, I do teach correct technique and scales when appropriate.

Lessons take place in person in Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  

Please contact me to have a chat and discuss any questions you might have.