How to Respond to online Dating With a Lady?

Any man who has ever tried dating digitally is aware of how difficult it can be to get a woman to respond. Women are bombarded with messages from thirsty men, and if she does n’t find yours fun or interesting, it will quickly be lost in her inbox full of other, more horny guys. […]

Advice on Marriage Relationships: How to keep your Relationship Strong and healthy

Every couple has their own unique recipe for long-term happiness, whether you have been dating for three years or have been married for 13 ( or more ). However, according to a new poll, it’s apparent that open communication, empathy, and presumably a lot of messaging contribute to a relationship’s happiness and well-being. Learning […]

How to handle Dismissal

Refusal can be utterly devastating, whether it’s because of a advertising or because someone is passed over for a next date. Dismissal can also have an impact on your relationships and self-esteem long after the rejection itself has passed, according to psychologist Leslie Winch, even though the initial societal pain commonly occurs in the […]

Asian Relationship Dynamics

The settings in which Asiatic Americans were raised influence significantly their ties and dating activities. As they enter the dating industry, some social characteristics, such as a strong emphasis on respect for relatives elders and a taste for logical qualities in a partner, can create a tough set of dynamics. A majority of Korean […]